Thursday, October 16, 2008

A host of new aroids

Guess what?  Someone occasionally stumbles upon my little seldomly-updated plant blog.  Recently I received an email from Russ Hammer, who has been growing aroids for many years.  He had stumbled upon my post on Aglaonema and was wondering if I would like to make a trade with him.  Unfortunately my meager collection didn't have any species or varieties that he has not already collected.  But he offered to send me a bunch of plants for just the price of postage.  You can bet I jumped on his offer.  I was counting down the days for my box to arrive.  When it did, I spent several hours potting the 28 different plants he sent me.

Rather than try to imbed pictures in my blog here (which usually means they are tiny), I have made a photo album of my pictures of the plants after I got them potted.  You can view the album, by clicking on the Philodendron photo below.  :)

Aroids from Russ

Russ also sent me a lot of information on Aroid culture and pictures of his mature plants.  I will probably post some of those pictures later.

Here is the list of the plants he sent me.  All of them are pictured in the photo album, with the exception of one of the monsteras, which I had not yet potted whenever the pictures were taken.  I'll get it added soon enough.

P. ilsemanii
P. ‘mini belle’
P. ‘Painted lady’
P. microstictum
P. ‘Florida’
P. mexicanum
P. red duchess
P. royal queen
P. ‘King of Spades’ or P. ‘Ace of Spades’

A. maria christina
A. jubilee
A. Abidjan
A. white lance
A. black lance
A. modestum variegate
A. royal ripple
A. alumina v. armandii
A. green lady
A. new unidentified variety

M. standleyana
M. adansonii
M. deliciosa v. Borsigiana

E. pinnatum v. ‘Cebu Blue’
E. aureus ‘neon’

S. pink
S. ‘Byrd’

Other Aroids
Dieffenbachia unidentified variety
Zamioculcas zamiifolia (‘zz plant’)

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  1. Oh my! Those are awesome when seeing the photos. Hmmm....I definitely will take you up on a few of those, especially the ones that have holes in the leaves---it makes the leaf look like lace or something. :-)
    You know, in the photo, there is one with dark variegation which makes it appear like a "prayer plant". Do you know which one I am talking about?
    You are right, it is a funkywinkerdeen collection! Russ should make it to your Christmas card list. :-)