Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Clovers from seed

I couldn't have grown these intentionally...

Crimson clover (Trifolium incarnatum) blooming in our yard.
Remember the beautiful red clovers that I found growing on the side of the highways across Oklahoma last year?  Remember how I brought a small clump home and planted them in a pot on my front porch?  Well, they didn't last long very long in the pot.

However, the seeds must have blown from the porch into our yard and managed to germinate this spring.  Thanks to our vacation to St. Louis a couple of weeks ago and our busy schedule when we got home, we didn't have time to mow the grass weeds for almost 2 weeks.  This gave our little clover seedlings just long enough to produce some blooms before I plowed them over.  I'm glad we weren't going to get around to mowing to give them a chance to flower!

Crimson clover contained once more.
I have removed the little plants from our lawn and moved them to a pot.  This year maybe I will try to collect some of the seeds and scatter them in an area where I would like to see them next year.  Think I'll be as successful as Mother Nature was?

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  1. How funny. It always amazes me when a plant or tree just appears when you haven't cultivated it. It is like the red bud tree that has come up in a flowerbed by our mailbox. I rather doubt that it would live, if I was able to get it dug with the basic roots and transplanted by where we lost our pine tree.