Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trip Report: Volunteer Park Fuchsias

As pretty much everyone knows, the Pacific Northwest gets lots of rain.  Something I learned from our trip is that Fuchsias must like a lot of rain, because they are all over the stinkin' place.  I mean, it's quite possible to see three large Fuchsia plants from one viewpoint - turn around and bump your head on a hanging pot of Fuchsia, while tripping over another!  That's how many Fuchsias there are in this part of the country.  I managed to make it home alive*, but not without some pictures!

* Actually, Fuchsias (like most other plants), are rather docile.  The imagery of Fuchsia plants silently attacking me was only for illustrating their widespread usage in this part of the country.  For some not-so-docile plants, stay tuned for my post on some carnivorous plants at the Volunteer Park Conservatory.

Single Fuchsia in bush form

Dark double Fuchsia
The Volunteer Park Conservatory (in Seattle, Washington) has lots of Fuchsias for your viewing pleasure.  They have Fuchsias pruned into bushes, trees and drooping hanging baskets.

Double purple and pink Fuchsia in tree form

Another double Fuchsia in tree form
They have single and double flowering varieties - and all sorts of color variations.  I would venture to guess that very few (if any) of these plants are naturally occurring species.  I imagine that nearly every one of these varieties was cultivated in a lab or cross bred from two very beautiful Fuchsias in their own right.

Hanging basket of a double pink Fuchsia
Double purple and magenta Fuchsia

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  1. Oh, my! They don't even look real, and remind me of the fantastic blooms of the passion flower---unbelievably unique and beautiful!