Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stapelia bud soon to open

My Stapelia gigantea buds have been getting very large.  It seems like every day they are larger and can't get larger, but the next day they surprise me.  I guess the species name gigantea is an apt description for this plant.  I wouldn't be surprised if the largest bud opens in the next week or so.  The second largest bud will probably trail by a week.  If the smaller buds mature, they could be as much as a month later, since they are still pretty small.

Stapelia gigantea bud on October 1, 2010.

Stapelia gigantea bud on October 6, 2010.
To watch this bud grow more each day has been exciting!

Stapelia gigantea bud "inflating" on October 10, 2010.
Recently the bud has been getting broader, almost as if it is being inflated like a balloon.  If you gently grip the bud you can tell that it is taught and seems like it will pop open any day.

Stapelia gigantea bud on October 12, 2010.

I had to move all of my plants into the greenhouse last week (including my Stapelia) when we had a oncoming frost.  I've been moving it back out onto the front porch during the day to give it a little more light since my greenhouse is still shaded.  I don't know whether I want it to bloom on the front porch, greeting visitors with it's pungent odor.  Or I could move it into the greenhouse for the blooming event, but that will probably magnify the odor, since it is a confined space.  Hopefully I'll have some open bloom pictures soon!

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  1. this the smelly plant? I want to see the plant itself---more pics???