Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Anthurium scandens from seed

A while back, I mentioned my purchase of Anthurium scandens.  I was lucky enough to purchase the plant on eBay, only to be given one a couple of days later.  At that time I was a little annoyed I had spent money on a plant, only to receive a larger one for free.  But then a couple of months later, when my free cutting died, I was glad that I had purchased the original.

The feature that really drew me to this plant was the "woody" appearance.  It has a "woody" look because it has persistent brown cataphylls.  In laypeople's terms, the stems of the plant have little brown sheaths that cover the green stems.  Another cool attribute of the plant is the profusion of adventitious roots coming out of the length of the stem, as well as inflorescences at nearly every node.  These inflorescences self-pollinate and bear white fruit (berries).  It is quite remarkable, unlike any other aroid I have ever grown.

Anthurium scandens
Anthurium scandens - photo courtesy Christopher Rogers

Anyway, the plant that I purchased, I still have.  But it has barely grown for me and doesn't have the distinct persistent cataphylls.  Maybe this is just a variation or maybe my plant is just not mature enough yet.  Time will tell.

Anthurium scandens amethyst_grape_dpowazek
Anthurium scandens - photo courtesy Derek Powazek.  Notice the color of the berries.  And again the adventitious roots are prominent. 
Then recently, I received some seeds from a friend of Anthurium scandens and now have little seedlings growing!  I'm super pumped about these little guys.
Anthurium scandens
Anthurium scandens seeds germinating

Anthurium scandens
Anthurium scandens seedlings - as of January 16, 2012.

I also got a cutting from Jason's plant, who got his at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden at our MidAmerica meeting.  So these are cuttings from the same plant that I had.  I'm really happy to have this plant back in my collection and I looking forward to my seedlings becoming mature.

Anthurium scandens
Anthurium scandens cutting from Jason


  1. This is such an interesting post. Love the tiny seedlings.

  2. Thank you for your post! I had practically given up on ever figuring out what kind of Anthurium i had. Then i read your post. Hit all the marks. Even the berries are identical, and i know it self-pollinated cuz im growing it indoors nowhere near a window.It's scandens! Thanks again!