Saturday, September 8, 2012

The spoils of a jolly gardener

After months of drought and extremely hot weather, we finally got some rain at the end of August.  The relief was immediate with grass turning green and plants starting to bloom.  Plants that we had spent the last couple of months watering by hand on a daily basis acted like they hadn't gotten a drop of water until it rained.  Then they started blooming.

The jolly gardener is so proud of her flowers
Pippa has taken to standing in one location in front of an array of colors (Datura and Plumbago), posing with a big grin on her face.  We think she is trying to take credit for all of the flowers we're finally seeing.

Datura meteloides, I think.
Our neighbor's yard is a jungle, especially near the fence line. But one of the gems of the jungle is a Rose of Sharon (aka Althea or Hibiscus syriacus) with purple blooms. It hangs over the fence into our yard right by our corner garden and we are very grateful. Not only do we get to enjoy the flowers most of the summer, but we also get volunteer seedlings coming up all the time.

Rose of Sharon that hangs over our fence
I have allowed some of the seedlings to grow until they are big enough to be transplanted to locations where we want them. The largest of those transplanted Rose of Sharon is now about 3 feet tall and bloomed for the first time this summer. We were hoping for purple flowers, but we have pure white.

First bloom of the seedling Rose of Sharon
On a recent trip to Lowe's we took a quick trip through the depleted garden center and found some incredible deals on rose bushes. We purchased four roses for about $10 and some of those are now blooming.

One of our new roses
At the advice of the Lowe's cashier, we did not plant the roses immediately. We'll wait until the temperatures are a little less extreme.  Until then, we'll just enjoy them in their pots.

Another of our new roses

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