Monday, May 13, 2013

Local orchid show

My local orchid club, Oklahoma Orchid Society, held our annual show and sale on Mother's Day weekend.  I took off work on Friday to help set up and then ventured back on Saturday with Christie and Myla to enjoy the show.  It was a small show, as usual, but nice.

my girls
Enjoying her first orchid show, laughing with mommy.

I carried Myla around while Christie took photos for me.  First, I'll show off the Dendrobium.

Dendrobium lawesii
Dendrobium lawesii being sold at one of the vendor tables.

Dendrobium lawesii
Dendrobium lawesii - different color variant - also being sold.

Dendrobium Aridang x Burana Sundae
Dendrobium Aridang x Burana Sundae

Miniature, deciduous, upright Dendrobium
Miniature, deciduous, upright Dendrobium

Nice purple Dendrobium

pendant, deciduous Dendrobium
Nice pendant, deciduous Dendrobium, profusely blooming

A couple of nice Cymbidium.

Cymbidium unregistered hybrid
An unregistered cascading hybrid Cymbidium

Cymbidium Little Black Sambo
Cymbidium Little Black Sambo, upright and very dark

Miscellaneous other plants.

Laelia hybrid. I love this color and the faint pattern on the lip.

huge Cattleya
Very happy Cattleya

Anguloa hohenlohii x Ida locusta
Anguloa hohenlohii x Ida locusta. Very interesting primary intergeneric hybrid.

Pleurothallis penelops
Pleurothallis penelops. Awesome species that looks very similar to Pleurothallis dilemma.

Dendrochilum aurantiacum
Large, mounted specimen of Dendrochilum aurantiacum

There were a total of eleven plants pulled out for AOS judging (including the one pictured above).  One of those eleven plants (a Paphiopedium) was awarded an HCC.


  1. Oh, so so the happy Cattleya....but really LOVE the photo of Myla and Chrisite the most! So glad you all enjoyed the show.

  2. Lovely orchids, really do admire and love them all.

    I once kept in my apartment, but then I moved to a new location and they did not survived the move,though I gave them the same amount of care.

  3. Oh! forgot to mention how cheerful and awesome your daughter is. Just wonderful, just wonderful.