Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another garden waterfall

My parents-in-law own a very beautiful wedding chapel in the woods outside of town.  The chapel itself is a wood and rock structure with huge windows looking out to the dense trees and vegetation around it.  My wife and I help maintain the landscaping by weeding the flowerbeds about once a week.  We also recently installed a garden waterfall, like the one that we have in our front yard.  The waterfall area has been in construction for a while.  You can see that there is plenty of weeding for us to do just to the right of the falls.

The new garden waterfall at Thunderbird Chapel
The chapel has several sandstone walkways around it, so we incorporated some of the sandstone, along with the more commonly used river rocks.  The scale might be hard to deduce from these photos.  The height of the top is probably about 4 feet from the ground level and the length of the waterfall is about 8 feet from the water top to the edge of the basin.

Close-up of the waterfall
While weeding the flowerbeds we have seen a lot of frogs.  There is a pond nearby, but not really in hopping distance.  I think they will really appreciate the addition of this waterfall to their neighborhood.


  1. That is such a good design and looks really good.

  2. That is gorgeous! Not sure how I missed it when I was out there last time. You all did a wonderful job!