Saturday, December 12, 2009

Unknown Aroid

I ran across a local-ish nursery called Taggert's in Hennessey, Oklahoma.  It's a bit of a drive from here, but I was passing by on a recent visit to Enid.  It is a wonderful nursery that specializes in succulents and cacti.  I found a lot of neat little odds and ends plants that I was not at all expecting in this small town nursery.  Beyond the succulents and cacti, there were some really nice, small tropical plants.

Streptocarpus saxorum or False African Violet
Christie found a flowering plant that she couldn't pass up.  And it adds some nice color to my otherwise green-only greenhouse.  It is a relative of the African violet (Saintpaulia sp.) often called a "False African Violet" (Streptocarpus saxorum).

Streptocarpus saxorum bloom
I found a small Aroid that was not tagged with any name.  After asking a worker, I realized I would have to find the id myself for this probable hybrid.  As best I can tell, it is likely to be in the Syngonium genus.

Unidentified Aroid, possibly from the Syngonium genus.
The leaves are velvety and very dark green with a prominent white center vein.

Any ideas on what it might be?


  1. I found one up here in May (link) and eventually settled on an ID of Syngonium wendlandii. I'm far from certain about it, but that's my best guess.

  2. Thanks for the ID help, mr_subjunctive. I believe that my plant is Syngonium wendlandii, as you said.

  3. The one with the flowers is Streptocarpella.

    TON of pics: