Monday, May 9, 2011

Anthurium pallidiflorum seedlings

A friend of mine from the International Aroid Society recently offered seeds from his Anthurium pallidiflorum plant.  He sent me a package of about 10 seeds and I took them out to my potting bench to get them started.  It was a windy day and before I knew it I was searching the ground on the back patio for these seeds.  They aren't small, but they also weren't easy to find.  In the end, I could only find two of them.

Anthurium pallidiflorum seedlings - April 9, 2011
I started the seeds on March 21 and started seeing signs of growth just a couple of days later.  When I received the seeds they were still coated in a bit of fruit, so I first removed that by squeezing until the seed came out.  Then I sifted my potting soil to remove any large particles.  I moistened the soil and then laid the seeds on top.  Next I put the entire pot in a ziplock bag and sat it on the kitchen window sill.  Every couple of days I open the bag and mist the soil surface with my sprayer which includes a couple drops of apple cider vinegar.  This keeps destructive mold from growing in this very humid environment.

Anthurium pallidiflorum seedlings - April 23, 2011
It wasn't long before I realized another lump of green on the surface, so I brushed the dirt aside and found that there was a third seed in the pot.  The third seed has been sprouting a little more slowly, having been partially covered by the soil.  You can see the hint of green in the picture above.

Hopefully these seedlings will continue to grow at a rapid pace, but I have noticed they are already slowing down.  When Anthurium pallidiflorum is a mature plant, it grows long, pendant leaves.  You can see a picture here.


  1. The mature plant is quite different than anything I have seen. Keep us posted on how yours progress.

  2. Very nice! I got the same seeds (from the same list) and planted mine in sphagnum and they all germinated!

  3. I love the "weird" anthuriums. The big conservatory in Chicago has an entire aroid house and there are some pretty amazing anthuriums in it.

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