Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New iris bed in bloom!

Last year I transplanted all of our Irises from various places in the yard to one central location around the light post in the middle of our backyard.

Two tone iris - Sorry I don't know the name.
At the time, it looked pathetic, but I knew all of those rhizomes would sprout new leaves and fill out the area. This year, the irises definitely filled the area with green. There weren't as many blooms as I would have expected, but we did get two Irises to bloom.

My pups sure know how to stop and smell the irises
Simple white iris
I'm hoping for considerably more to bloom next year!


  1. It took 2 years before my iris bloomed alot after transplanting. This year they are gorgeous! (3 yrs out)

  2. So precious of Pippa... :)
    You know some of the irises were actually given to your grandmother from your great grandmother who lived two doors down...very old varieties. It looks wonderful!