Monday, October 3, 2011

Plant Find: roadside orchids

As I mentioned in my trip report on Ruben in Orchids, south Miami (specifically Redlands) is riddled with little roadside shacks and shade houses selling in-bloom orchids.

See anything there you'd like to buy for $6?
These places are not so much for the collectors who want species or even want to know the names of the plants they are blooming.  But these places have gorgeous, healthy plants that are all in bloom - and very reasonably priced.

The cheap orchid I chose.
The majority of the orchids were Phalaenopsis - the moth orchid. But there were lots of different colors, sizes and patterns in the blooms. Christie's favorite was the "harlequin" spotted blooms.

Christie points out her favorite harlequin Phalaenopsis
Christie and I stopped at several of these places while we were driving between two big orchid growers.  And we ended up adding a couple orchids to our backseat!

Backseat becoming crowded with orchids.  Check out how long the Encyclia plicata bloom spikes are!

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  1. I agree with Christie. The spotted orchids are so different! (Reminds me of the toad lilly....) :)