Thursday, June 7, 2012

Daisy Orchid in bloom

The Daisy Orchid (Cirrhopetalum makoyanum, synonymous with Bulbophyllum makoyanum) is given its common name due to the way its flowers are arranged to look like the petals of a Daisy, or really any other flower from the Asteraceae family (like Sunflowers, Chrysanthemums, etc).  In truth, when you look at this orchid it is not a set of petals you see, but a grouping of several tubular flowers arranged so that they splay out from a center point.  Of course, the "flower" of a daisy is also not singular.  The entire Asteraceae family is made up of plants that have composite flowers, which is to say that where you think you see one, you actually see many.  This is so common among flowering plants, I think the exception might be the rule.  Truly! Anyway, that's not why you clicked on this post.  You came here for pictures, gosh darnit!  Okay, calm down, angry masses.  Here come the pictures.

Cirrhopetalum makoyanum
Here you can see the flowers in all of their glory, from above, looking like a daisy.

Cirrhopetalum makoyanum
In the final photo you can see the individual flowers a little better, as they were unfurling and beginning to fan out into the daisy shape.

Cirrhopetalum makoyanum

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