Monday, March 9, 2009

Everything in bloom

I walked, I cycled, I drove - all over town this weekend.  Everywhere I went I saw trees and bushes covered in white, yellow, pink and purple blooms.

Here at my house there are quite a few sights to see.  In the front yard our Saucer Magnolia and Peach Tree are blooming.  The Saucer Magnolia looks about the same as last year, so I won't post any new pictures.  The Peach tree has grown a lot since last year, though.

Flowering Peach tree - Prunus persica
I love the two different bloom colors on this one tree.  One is a solid magenta and the other is a very light pink with occasional streaks of magenta.

Peach blossoms
In the backyard, our quince and daffodils are still blooming.  Also, the Redbud trees have just started to open.  [I have plans to post more about our Oklahoma Redbuds next month - on Arbor Day.]

Last year I dug up several offshoots from our huge flowering quince bush and planted them along one of our fence lines, with the hope that someday we will have a solid pink hedge along that fence.  The transplanted offshoots are putting out new leaves, but no blooms this year.

Along the same fence I planted a short stem of a flowering Almond bush that my mother-in-law gave me from her bush that was damaged last year.  I was shocked this weekend to see that not only did it survive the transplant and the winter, the tiny stem is blooming!

Pee-Wee volunteered to pose next to the Almond bush (Prunus glandulosa) for size comparison. Note: Pee-Wee is tiny. Inside the tomato cage is a tinier bush.  See the next image.
Buds on my tiny Flowering Almond bush - Prunus glandulosa
Apparently this little bush is happy, since it is putting out blooms at such as small state.  I'm looking forward to seeing this bush grow over the summer.

Stay tuned for more blooming updates.  I have some Redbud pictures and an unidentified white bush to show.


  1. Pretty Bush, I really like the RedBud Trees! Is that your
    Boston Terrier? he's cute!

  2. Our tulip tree is finally opening. It is always later since I believe its placement sheltered by the fence blocks sunlight. I really love seeing them all over town.
    Your peach tree is beautiful and so unique with the two colors of blooms. Do you think it was grafted?
    I am not familiar with an almond bush, but great that you were able to begin a bush. Did you root it first or just stick it in the ground?
    I love this time of year !!!

  3. That peach is very special. Your area looks a lot like mine, things popping everywhere.