Monday, March 23, 2009

Plants from afar

Someday I'll have grandkids.  That's quite a few years down the road, since I hear you have to have kids first.  Anyway, when I have grandkids I'll be able to say crazy things like "I remember when there wasn't an internet!"  And my grandkids won't even believe me.  They'll think I'm crazy.

The internet has changed so many things.  It has changed the way that most people (in affluent countries) live.  I can take pictures of my plants here in Oklahoma, upload the pictures on my computer, write some notes about them, and mere moments later someone on the other side of the world can read my notes, look at my pictures and comment back to me.

I was just discussing with my parents the other day about how you find deals on the internet on certain objects and pay less for them than you would in any store - even when you include shipping.  And because of the internet, you can read product reviews and feedback from others who have purchased similar items or worked with that seller before.  Certainly the internet falls short in several areas, but it has plenty of functionality that cannot be offered in other ways.

Whenever I have a question - about ANYTHING - I can go to the internet to find answers.  I understand that many times the "answers" are opinions, but it doesn't take long to know the difference.

Where am I going with this post?

Well, because of the internet, there are tropical plants headed my way from all over the world.  And they weren't very expensive.  One day I saw a picture of a cool plant on Flickr.  A couple months later and the Australian owner of the plant has put some offsets of it in the mail to me.  I should have them sometime next week.  In exchange, I mailed some bulbs to my new friend in Australia - and the shipping was less than $10!  There's no way I could find that plant for under $10 here at home.

A fellow plant blogger bought a hard-to-find plant at a local nursery a couple hundred miles away and will be sending it to me for the cost of the plant plus the price of shipping, because he knew that I was trying to find this specific plant.

I have another friend in Massachusetts to whom I will be sending some Aglaonemas as soon as the weather is nicer up in the Northeast US.

And this weekend I bought a plant from someone in Saipan, Mariana Islands on ebay.  Can you believe the shipping is under $6!?!  It's wonderful.  [The Northern Mariana Islands are located in the Western Pacific Ocean, north of Guam, south of Japan.  The Mariana Islands are a commonwealth of The United States.]

I won't reveal what all of these greats plants are yet - You'll just have to wait for pictures.  I should have several new plants in my possession over the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned!


  1. I am absolutely agree with you regarding the Internet. I just told my friend yesterday - how did we live without it? As for your new plants - we are waiting, waiting...

  2. I agree too though the plant import regulations in the UK are a nuisance (though perhaps a necessary one) at times. I had to set a laptop up for a friend last week who insisted on modem access to the Internet - I had forgotten how slooow that is.

  3. How exciting! You haven't seen any persimmon trees floating around some island, have you? :-)