Friday, March 2, 2012

Dendrobium anceps in bloom

This plant is admittedly not one that people call “beautiful.” It is an oddity that I admired when visiting Lowell’s greenhouse last August. When I inquired about the name, he graciously offered me some pieces of it and brought them to our next Oklahoma Orchid Society meeting. The plant is Dendrobium anceps, anceps meaning “double-edged.”

Dendrobium anceps
It is planted in a net pot with coconut husk chips. The plant hasn’t looked great over the last 5 months and I wasn’t sure that I was giving it the care that it desired. However, I noticed recently that it was covered in buds. And I mean covered! It is even blooming on the leaves that look burnt and dead.

Dendrobium anceps buds

Dendrobium anceps bud - such an interesting shape
The buds peak out from the overlapping leaves and look really neat before they open. Once they open, they have that signature look of many Dendrobium.

Dendrobium anceps blooms

Dendrobium anceps blooms

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