Friday, March 16, 2012

Trip Report: Garvan Gardens' Tulip Extravaganza

Last weekend, Christie and I drove over to Hot Springs, Arkansas for the weekend.  The town is aptly named after the natural springs that flow from the ground and have brought travelers here for hundreds of years.

Our trip to Hot Springs was inspired by the Tulip Extravaganza at the Garvan Woodland Gardens, but we also enjoyed the National Park focused on the hot springs.  (Ask the locals and they’ll tell you that it is the first US National Park.  In truth, it doesn’t have that official designation, but it was the first nature reserve set aside by the US government, before there was a national park system.)

Tulips at Garvan Woodland Gardens
As you can see, the gardens were beautiful.  They are planted fresh each year so that they can create new swaths of color and have premium new bulbs from Holland.  We enjoyed the diverse palate of colors and tulip styles.

Tulips at Garvan Woodland Gardens
The gardens included lots of neat areas and we spent our whole afternoon wandering through the acres of carefully designed planting.  I have uploaded a photo album with tons of pictures, so feel free to peruse them all by clicking on the photo below.

Garvan Woodland Gardens 2012
Click for complete photo album

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