Friday, February 20, 2009

Crocuses Emerge

Before I say anything else, I should note that this is my 50th post! :)

Our corner garden is sprouting.  A week or two ago I raked some leaves over the flowerbed to give it a little insulation.  This week I gently raked some of the leaves aside with my hands and noticed there were blooms underneath!

A couple of Crocus blooms in the corner garden
I planted these crocus bulbs about 3 years ago after creating this flower bed.  I really like the purple blooms with their orange centers.

Group of Crocus blooms
The daffodils will be blooming next - probably in a week or two.

Daffodil stems and Crocus bloom


  1. Yay! It looks like your soil is about the same temp. as mine with crocus blooming and daffs not far behind. There's hope.

  2. I too have this problem, love the leaves then have to move them in the spring-and I am late this year. What a surprise!

  3. Gotta love the color on Crocus....Do you ever have trouble
    with Squirrels eating some of your bulbs?

  4. Always nice to find some hidden surprises under those leaves each spring!

  5. Ahhh.....those are so pretty. Can't wait for spring---then summer !!!!

  6. The sight of little bulbs emerging from last fall's leaves is always so exciting, one of my favourite signs of spring. The purple crocus flowers are so simple, yet very beautiful. Then, your daffodils will add that punch of yellow. Do their bloom times overlap? It's a classic spring colour scheme. I'm anxious for the spring parade to start here.

  7. Ahhhh! I love the crocus - they're so lovely!

  8. It is nice to see something stating to bloom. Nothing much here yet than more snow today.

  9. Cathy- No, I haven't had trouble with squirrels getting to my bulbs. Occasionally they will dig around a little bit in my flowerbeds, but it is usually just to bury a nut. My dogs are the problem when it comes to digging up my bulbs! :)

    NorthernShade- Yes, the bloom times of the crocus and daffodils do overlap. I will probably post some daffodil blooms very soon.