Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Bouquet

For Valentine's I got my wife a traditional gift - a bouquet of flowers - but not a traditional selection.  I'm sure my wife likes red roses, but I think she appreciates creativity and originality a little more.  [At least, I sure hope she does, because she ended up with me.]

Dutch Iris
The first bouquet of flowers I got my wife might be considered a hodge podge.  It was a combination that I put together at the grocery store: purple Dutch Iris with silver Eucalyptus branches.   Call it a hodge podge, call it an arrangement; I just know that I liked the combination.  Speaking of combinations, my wife sometimes compliments me on my "outfit."  I always say, "My what?"  Then she says, "Oh yeah, I meant to say that I like your random smattering of clothes."  That's more like it.  Guys don't have outfits.  But I think guys can make flower arrangements for their wives. :)

I've liked Dutch Iris flowers for a long time and they were a favorite of my grandmother.  I was unfamiliar with the Eucalyptus branches, but I liked the contrast when I held them up to my Dutch Iris blooms.  So I wrapped them in tissue and took them to my future wife.  That was nearly 9 years ago.  (We've been married for almost 4 years.)

This year, I was trying to figure out what to get my wife for Valentine's Day and whether I should resort to the oh-so-common gift of flowers or not.  I remembered the first flowers I gave my wife and decided I should try to find them again.  I called a local grocery-store florist (actually the same one I originally used) and asked about the availability of these two items.  They told me to try a different branch and the florist was very helpful.  She specially ordered 8 stems of Dutch Iris and a half-bunch (5 stems) Eucalyptus branches for me.

Valentine's bouquet for my wife - Dutch Iris and Eucalyptus branches
She loved them!


  1. Zach, You are definitely a keeper:) I am sure she loves the bouquet and the sentimental value, as well:)

  2. What a lucky girl! Beautiful combination Zach. I would of never thought to combine Dutch Iris with Eucalyptus. I'm a big fan of Dutch Iris myself, have been planting more & more of them every fall. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Very Nice Zach, Happy Valentine's Day to you and your
    wife! I have been a Floral Designer for 25 Years,
    and still love my job.

  4. Of course she loved them! Creative, romantic and thoughtful.

  5. Zach, you made a wonderful choice. Anyone can get Roses.

  6. What a pretty bouquet! The Eucalyptus is such a unique color with the vivid Dutch Iris. Good job! :-)