Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Winter Falls

This is just a quick post to show how my garden waterfall looked most of last week with our winter weather.

My garden waterfall in winter
We had ice pellets, sleet and just a little bit of freezing rain that resulted in a good 3-4 inches of ice accumulation that stayed for more than a week in many places.

The waterfall slowed to a trickle for most of the week, as much of the water was frozen.  By the end of the week, it became a roaring waterfall again as melt water from the roof flooded the waterfall and caused even the ice in the shade to melt.

[For any curious readers, I leave my waterfall on a timer year-round.  It clicks on and starts running around 7:45 am and turns off around 7 pm or so.  During the summer I extend the time so that it turns off around sunset (as late as 9 pm).  I don't have to worry about freezes because the pump that recycles the water is about 3 feet down and even when the temperature drops down into single digits overnight (on a rare occasion), the water usually stays liquid at a depth of 3 feet.]

If you missed my post on building my garden waterfall, you can read it here.


  1. It still looks amazing covered in snow!

  2. Zach,

    It looks great! I think I'll go check out how you did this- I've always wanted to have a water feature in my yard, but was worried at the maintenance. Is yours high maintenance?

  3. Tessa-

    My waterfall is very low maintenance. Occasionally I remove leaves from the top of the rocks so that they don't deteriorate in the water. Otherwise, the only thing I have to do is add water during the summer when a lot of evaporation occurs.

    I would highly recommend one of these waterfalls to anyone interested.