Friday, October 23, 2009

Greenhouse update - Phase 6: Move-in Day

I actually moved the plants into the greenhouse nearly a week ago, but I am just now getting to posting pictures of the interior with the plants moved in.

I bought three wonderful shelving units from Aldi (discount grocery store) for a sale price that is less than half their normal going price.  They come with 5 shelves each and I only need 3-4 shelves for each unit, since I have to allow room for the height of the plants.  That left me with extra shelves, which I used to combine two units out of three kits!  My remaining kit is on the opposite wall.

Two units of kitchen shelves, combined to make 3.

I configured the heights of the shelves to allow for special plants that have trellises attached or are taller and need more head room.

Looking left once you enter the door.
Then I spent a good deal of time on Friday and Saturday of last week, moving all my plants from the garage or inside the house into their new home in the greenhouse.

Looking ahead and to the left once you enter the door.

I still have quite a bit of rearranging to do and have not made the best use of my space.  There are still some shelves that are empty, while there are a couple of plants sitting on the floor.

Looking ahead and to the right once you enter the door.
I'm sure I will be moving plants around quite a bit until I feel that everything is settled in place.

Looking to the right once you enter the door.
I also plan to hang a metal rod (which I have on hand) under the house eave, which will allow me to hang some hanging baskets in my greenhouse.  I might also put some hooks on some of the rafters, to allow me to hang more plants over time.  But we'll just see what types of plants I end up acquiring in the future!

View of the exterior of the greenhouse this morning.
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  1. Hi Zach! I am glad I stopped by. I am happy for your plants, but I also got an idea about what type of shelves to buy for our garage, to overwinter my own plants. Thanks! I bet your plants are glad that you moved them before Sooners lost. Sorry to remind.

  2. Hey Zach, Thats a pretty nice aroid collection ya got goin' on there. Good job on the green house. Swing by my blog if you are into tropicals. We have some killer aroids here in the Keys.

  3. Oh, it looks grand!! I am happy that you all decided to build it in a location so close to your house. It will be enjoyable year-round. Great job, Christie and Zach!:-)

  4. Zach,
    Nice job on the greenhouse. You have an impressive plant collection. :) I have been dreaming about having my own greenhouse someday. For now, I will settle for a plant "room" in our spare bedroom. Not sure where I will put our company for Thanksgiving, though! ;)

  5. I noticed all those plants are the tropical type. I wish I could pass some of my collection to you. Good job in your green house.