Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Greenhouse update - Phase 1: Masonry

This weekend we got down to business on the greenhouse construction.  I spent a couple of hours on Saturday gathering supplies.  I made a trip to Lowe's to get two truck fulls worth of  lumber and cinder blocks.  I honestly won't need the lumber for a little while, but I wanted to make best use of the 10% coupon I had.  I also purchased the mortar mix, rebar pins and anchor bolts that will be used in the construction of the walls.

Mortar mix, anchor bolts and rebar pins
The 60 cinder blocks were loaded into the truck with a forklift, but since I don't have my own at home, they had to be unloaded by hand...  That's a lot of blocks.

On Sunday, we got to work.  (Although Saturday wasn't exactly sitting on our butts!)  Christie and I carefully chalked the perimeter of the greenhouse.  Then I laid the first bed of mortar and carefully placed the first block.

Laying the mortar bed for the first block
The first couple of blocks were frustrating and tedious.  But a couple of blocks later and we were cruising.  I had some help from Christie and her dad and we were able to complete much more than I had expected!

Christie and her dad laying block
After we were finished laying block for the day, Christie meticulously cleaned the tools and the work area, making sure that all of the mortar lines looked clean and filled.

Finish of the first day
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  1. Zach, I admire people who do such projects themselves. Good luck to you and a lot of patience!