Friday, September 18, 2009

Greenhouse update - Phase 3: Anchoring

In order to tie the masonry base of the greenhouse to the framing above, I had to affix anchor bolts to the cinder block structure.  I used 10" Simpson L-bolts and set them in concrete about every 3 feet along the top of the wall.

Anchor bolts placed in concrete
At the same time, I stuck a 24" length of rebar in each of the concrete-filled holes, for better stability of the walls.  After drilling precisely-placed holes in the base boards of the framing, we can now attach the walls to the cinder block and everything will be very solid.

I am using 1x6 decking boards to cap off the holes of the cinder block wall.  These 1x6 boards will lay just beneath the regular 2x4 framing.  Drilling the holes in the correct location was not an easy task, but the first board is now attached and the others should be a little easier.

1x6 tied down with anchor bolts
As you can see, there is still plenty of room on the bolt to lay a single 2x4 lengthwise on top of the 1x6.  Assuming I measured correctly when I set the bolts in concrete, the nut should be just at the top of bolt when the 2x4 is attached.

Framing should start in about a week!

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  1. Well, I am quite impressed. Now, I have ready-made plans on the internet for a greenhouse. You should be charging for your blog service. ;-)

  2. Zach, it looks very professional! Solid!