Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Amorphophallus growth

My aroid friend Jason and I have been talking and trading plants a  lot this summer.  He is an Amorphophallus nut and he's been giving me some of his extra tubers, so now I have a little Amorphophallus jungle of my own.

Amorphophallus konjac
Amorphophallus konjac petiole
I have several Amorphophallus konjac, probably the most commonly kept species.  One of these I planted in the ground last fall and it came up recently.  I had thought that it must have died over the winter because my potted tubers had already come up.  Jason said the ones planted in the ground are slower to come up and to keep watching.  Finally it emerged.

Amorphophallus albus
I also planted one Amorphophallus albus tuber last fall, and it was even slower to come up. In the meantime, Jason gave me another pot of this species.

Amorphophallus yuloensis
I have one pot of Amorphophallus yuloensis, which are a little slower than the albus to emerge.

Amorphophallus symonianus
And the Amorphophallus symonianus are even a little slower than the yuloensis.

Anchomanes nigritianus
This last one isn't from Jason and it's not an Amorphophallus.  But it is a tuberous aroid, so I thought I'd go ahead and include it.  It is Anchomanes nigritianus, which I got from the Fort Worth Botanic Garden at our third MidAmerica chapter meeting.

I'm hoping next year a couple of my tuberous aroids might produce an inflorescence for me.  I haven't had one yet.


  1. I love Amorphophallus, it's such an interesting genus. I want to get more! In other amorphophallus news, an A. titanum is blooming in my home town! I'm so upset I don't live there anymore. A few of my friends went to visit it and said it was insane. They even have a webcam!

  2. Have you seen all their varieties?!

  3. So I got an e-mail saying you responded to this so I'm just going to reply as though you really did and I'm not on crack. I'm not actually a huge aroid person, I've just got my one A. konjac as far as amorphs go, and only a couple assorted philodendrons and such. I like them enough...I've just never gotten into collecting them.

  4. Yes, I have seen the large selection from Plant Delights, although they are kind of pricey. I have just enjoyed growing some free tubers that have been given to me. I haven't yet actually purchased any Amorphs. How many varieties do you have?

  5. Hey, nice to find some other Amorphophallus fans out there. Good luck with your collection :)

  6. No, I haven't joined IAS, but I visit the forum. I'm one of the Amorphophallus lovers you mentioned... I was led there by Jason.

  7. Hello! Im trying to keep my konjac alive. Its my first and i really like it. Anywhere I can go to get info on issues like leaves turning yellow to brown at the tips and starting to spread?