Monday, June 6, 2011

DIY trellis

For the last couple of years we have had a couple of non-hardy plants growing on trellises that we transport back and forth from the greenhouse to the back fence with the changing seasons.  This way we can enjoy some near-tropical climbing and flowering plants in the yard during the summer and keep them alive over the winter.  I mounted brackets on the back fence for reattaching the trellises each year and I have Christie help me move the potted plant, attached to the trellis back and forth.

One of our purchased trellises.  Notice the Passiflora bloom.  More on that later...
This year I had another plant (or two) that I wanted to add to the shuffle, but I was out of trellises.  I knew that I could buy another trellis to match the ones I have, but it would require a trip to Oklahoma City and also would cost a bit of moolah.  And we had some wood lying around...

Veritable smorgasbord of unknown projects
So I decided to just make my own trellis.  It's a pretty simple contraption and it didn't even need to be an exact match to look legit.  After previous unpleasant incidents with the circular saw, I had Christie on hand to help me hold the wood while I was cutting these slivers of wood.  It helps to have a supervisor nearby who reminds you not to do stupid things - like getting your fingers in the way of whirring blades that don't notice the difference in wood and finger.

My new trellis, crafted by moi.
About fifteen minutes of work and we had a new trellis mounted on the back fence with my Flame Vine (Pyrostegia venusta) planted at the base.  (and I still had all my fingers!)


  1. Very cool indeed ! Will you unfasten it to move to the greenhouse when winter arrives?

  2. Yes, the plant and trellis will be moving into the greenhouse for the winter.