Friday, June 10, 2011

Plant Find: Helping out the poor orchid sellers from eBay...

Lately I have just felt so sorry for those poor people who sell orchids on eBay that I have given them all of my plant allowance.

Bepi. Femme Fatale - Notice that there is a bud spike beginning to emerge from the center!
This Bepi. (Brassoepidendrum) is really cool in bloom, and pretty neat foliage when it's not.  The blooms have cool speckling of purple overlaying white and greenish-yellow petals.  The plant is pretty small, but it must not get very large when mature, because it is already producing buds.  This is a blooming size plant!  I've got a pretty good collection of miniature orchids now, which is nice, since room in my greenhouse is limited.

Dendrobium atroviolaceum with several large buds, ready to open anyday.
Sometimes I am a little disappointed with plants that arrive on my doorstep, being a little smaller than they appeared in the pictures online or being a little worse-for-wear after shipping.  One case where this definitely was not true was with the Dendrobium atroviolaceum which came in this shipment.  The ebay seller used reverse psychology on me, posting pictures of the plant in bloom but stating that the plant was no longer in bloom.  The plant I received had a couple of half-spent flowers on it and, upon closer inspection, quite a few bud spikes starting.  The plant looks really healthy and I feel good about the chance of these buds opening for me!

Dendrobium victoria-reginae
I can't say that this Dendrobium has been on my want list for a long time, but I can say that it has been at the top of my list from as soon as it was on the list.  I know: It looks really pathetic.  But take a look at this picture and tell me I'm a fool for buying it!  (I won't say confess how much I paid.)

Hamelwellsara June 'Indigo Sue'
My Hamelwellsara (above) was also posted as a non-blooming plant, but came to be with flowers open and many more buds ready to follow!  The color of this bloom (below) is just amazing.  It is closely related to the Zygopetalum genus, as you might have guessed.

Hamelwellsara June 'Indigo Sue'
I also purchased two small Brassovola glauca 'Woltmon' orchids (below).  These have really neat creamy white blooms that appear just at the top  of the cluster of leaves - not on long spikes or racemes, like many other orchids.

Brassovola glauca 'Woltmon'
The species name 'glauca' refers to the powdery coating on the leaves which makes them appear bluish-gray (not so obvious in my picture above).  Another plant which has the name 'glauca' is the blue fescue grass (Festuca glauca).

Megaclinium saurocephalum
The next orchid (above) was sold as Megaclinium saurocephalum.  I have also seen this plant with the genus name Bulbophyllum and I haven't yet determined which is considered the current valid name.  Either the Megaclinium genus was sunk into the huge Bulbophyllum genus, or divided out.  Either way, it's a really cool plant.

Megaclinium saurocephalum bloom spike
Don't you just love the weirdness of this bloom spike?

Megaclinium saurocephalum spike closeup
Hopefully I'll have some bloom photos to share soon from my Dendrobium atroviolaceum and Bepi Femme Fatale!


  1. Oh, how exciting! I am hoping that "Picky Purple" likes her new home and that she can flourish with my floundering care.
    Yours look like they love it there. :)

  2. I hate your orchid posts...they always make me want to take up orchid growing again! Ok I don't really hate the posts, I hate my lack of space for orchids. That Bepi looks like it's going to be awesome!