Friday, July 22, 2011

Plant Find: Seedling Plumerias

My friend, Leslie, recently sent me some small Plumerias that she grew from seed over the last year.  Leslie is a pro at growing things from seed.  She ordered the seed on eBay from a seller in Thailand.  You know Thailand, crazy color varieties and leaf variegations and all.

These little seedlings are surprisingly attractive at a young age.  I have never thought of the Plumeria leaves as particularly attractive, but these are really nice.

Plumeria 'Wipadelight' seedling
She sent me the varieties: Granny Grape (magenta), Wipadelight (light pink with yellow center), Orange Kerasin (probably orange, but I haven't found any pictures of this one), Three Kings (pink and yellow with dark pink blotches), Jakdao (white with yellow center),and Dang Siam (red).

Plumeria 'Orange Kerasin' seedling

Cool plants, huh?  Now... what can I send Leslie in return?


  1. Hi, I'm pretty sure your seedlings will not be the same as the parent unless they are a pure bred strain. Too many genes get mixed up in sexual reproduction. People sell them as the parent but offspring show a lot of variation, but you might get something as good or better (or worse!).

  2. Don't rot them off! I'm horrible with plumeria seedlings... at least you can probably keep them outside much longer than I could so they might have a fighting chance at life!

  3. Hello
    I have at the moment about 260 unusual Frangipanis. Purple, and mauve etc etc
    Also the variety The Three Kings.
    I have also a photo of them. Hope this helps
    Regards Willy