Thursday, July 21, 2011

Plant Find: Two miniature orchids

I got two miniature orchids in the mail yesterday.  First, I give you, Encyclia dickinsoniana.

Encyclia dickinsoniana.  (Note: the spelling on the tag is wrong.)
Next, is Epidendrum longicaule, which is currently in bloom.

Epidendrum longicaule
Pretty nice, huh?

"Just how big are these miniatures?" you might ask.  Well, here's a little size comparison.

Dendrobium 'Marie McFarlane' and Epidendrum longicaule (tiny)

Note: the larger Dendrobium orchid is really not a big plant.  That tiny thing sitting at the base is my Epidendrum longicaule.  Needless to say, Christie really likes my tiny blooming orchid.  After all, it's tiny.

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