Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The first real quince fruit

We have a large quince bush in our backyard that presents a beautiful display of color in the early Spring, late Winter.  A number of people have asked me if it produces fruit and I always reply that it is just a flowering quince.  My neighbor, who has a degree in landscaping, told me that it probably still produces fruit.  Until recently, the only thing I had seen that resembled fruit was a little hard, dried and shriveled brown thing that I wasn't really sure about.  I suspected it might be something that wasps make, called a gall, after reading about them in a plant book.

Unknown growths on my quince bush (foreground left and background right). Might be a gall produced by a wasp.
I've tried looking online for similar galls on quince bushes, but haven't found any.  I'm not really sure what those things are.  But sometime over the last week I spotted a definite fruit on my quince bush, for the first time.  This bush is just covered in blooms in the Spring, and yet, somehow, only one fruit formed on the whole bush.

The first real fruit that I have found on my quince bush (Chaenomeles speciosa)
I scoured the bush, looking very closely at every branch, trying to find additional fruits, but the only thing I could find was what looks like 2 dead fruits that might be from last year.  I'll have to look more closely in the future.

Dead fruits overlooked until recently and possibly produced last summer.
If anyone knows what the mystery growths from the first picture might be, please let me know!


  1. It looks like a gall to me, but I can't give you further information. Your greenhouse looked like quite an undertaking. It will certainly look really good and be sturdy. Looking forward to your sharing what you grow in it.

  2. Zach, congratulations with your very first quince! Tell us how it tastes, please!

  3. What a surprise! I thought it was only a flowering bush also. Are you going to look into eating the quince?